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Shows for children

The benefits of theatre in education are well known.  Theatre can be used as a creative medium through which to discover and explore individual topics or themes  or it can be a means of developing pupils' own  confidence and skills in the performing  arts.

Bespoke  cross curriculum theatrical packages for primary age children

Many of our traditional fairy tales have a moral or a message which is as relevant today as it was when it was written: bullying, inclusion, kindness, mental health to name but a few. Using a small, versatile cast of professional actors we bring these messages to life in an age appropriate piece of interactive theatre, full of colour,  fun and laughter. Your teachers can follow up the performance with relevant activities of their own or we can add a workshop and provide activity sheets and workbooks.

After a year of lockdowns and major disruption to children's  lives, what better way to celebrate the a return to normal school life, than through a live theatrical experience in your school or a local theatre setting.

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